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well today went to chuckey cheese with my nextdornieghbor..it was okay i guess..but it sucked at the same time! tomorrow is ♥VALENTINES DAY..yay! i supose..mike is madd at me for doing something..i just forget b/c i really didnt care at the time..but anyway..after that me n emma n my nextdornieghbor walked my dog becaue my dog is a fat shit n has to lose some weight!..no jking...n emma just happened to say whats E meant n then all my nextdornieghbor did was say wut does E mean..n we told her that it was a alcoholic drink..lol...but we really no wut it means..b/c were not stupid..well i am at school but u no wut i mean..

update latur ♥ lyl


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