...the time of your life (dancelover56) wrote,
...the time of your life

The Basics:

* Name/Nicknames: laura, dias, lorbina

* Birthday: June 12th

* Physical Features: brown hair, blue eyes, long hair

* Family: 4 brothers 1 sister , mom n dad

* Some friends:becca,bri,matt g,skyler,mike,
* Best friends: LISA N JACKIE!

* Likes:mike, shopping, dancing, being with friends, makeup, hair products, t.v, computer, dance, my friends, sleeping, money, laughing, having fun, mall, movies,

* Dislikes: rumors, lies, gossip, fake people, being bored, people who suck up, people who talk like they are black, folk music, heavy metal, people who start shit

* Fears: dieing, bugs, being raped, being in the city alone

* Favorite movies: mean girls, napolian dynomite, just married, bring it on, bring it on again, the ring, dirty dancing, and more

* Favorite foods: pizza, pasta, mashed pataoes

Pick one:

* Blue/Red: blue

* Pepsi/Coke: coke

* Cd's/Radio: radio

* Macdonalds/Burgerking: neither

* Night/Day: night

* Papa ginos/Dominos: papa ginos

* Smoking/Drinking: drinking

* Scary movies/Funny movie: both
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